John Rice

???? - 1790


  1. The will of John Rice [late of the city of Philadelphia but now residing at] Bath, Somerset [made in 1789] was proved 15/12/1790. He said he was seized in fee of an estate commonly called Foulbay plantation in St Philip Barbados, lately belonging to Nicholas Rice deceased, and he left it in trust to pay his wife Joanna £1500 currency and an annuity of £400 currency p.a. and his brother (also named Nicholas Rice) £500 currency and an annuity of £200 currency p.a., all charged on the estate [and enslaved people]. Subject to these annuities he left his residuary estate to his nephew John Rice Callender on condition the latter take the 'arms' of Rice only, with default to another nephew Clement Boucher Callender and then to his [the testator's] right heirs. In a codicil of 1789 he left two 'negro slaves' Mary Ann and Joe to his wife.


  1. PROB 11/1199/109. The case of O'Keefe v Jones (1807) showed that in fact John Rice's father Nicholas under his will made in 1765 had left the estate to John Rice for life only and then his heirs but upheld the right of John Rice to charge the estate with annuities, Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in High Court of Chancery by Francis Vesey, volume 13, 2nd edition, 1827 'O'Keefe v Jones' (1807) pp. 412-413.

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- 1790 [EY] → Owner

John Rice left an estate in St Philip called Foul Bay in his will made in 1789 and proved in 1790.

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John Rice had left his estate [and enslaved people] to his nephew John Rice Callender, the son of Alice Callender nee Rice. Although John Rice claimed he was seized of the estate in fee, he held it...
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Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England