George McNish or MacNish

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Glasgow West India merchant, partner in various firms dissolved in 1818 after his death. He was 'for only a few years' proprietor of Ibroxhill (then Ibrox) in Govan, which was sold in 1816 to John McCall.

  1. The concern carried on by the subscribers and the late George MacNish under various firms, viz. in Glasgow under George McNish & Co; in Antigua under the firm Gowan, M'Nish & Co.; and in St Kitts under Robert and William Gowan & Co. were all dissolved 01/03/1818. The business was continued as Robert Gowan & Co. of Glasgow. A separate announcement showed the end of a partnership - Gocking, McNish & Co. - trading at St Vincent in which George McNish & Co. as a firm were partners.


The old country houses of the old Glasgow gentry, LVIII. Ibroxhill.

  1. London Gazette 2779 5 February 1820 p. 48; ibid 2880 2 February 1821 p. 36.

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George McNish & Co.
West India and General Merchant  

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Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Central Scotland, Scotland