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John Cuff inherited Emmaus Pen from his father Michael Cuff (q.v.) who died in 1825. See claim notes for St Elizabeth claim no. 296 for more information on the contested nature of the claim for compensation for Emmaus.

  1. Emmaus was registered to Michael Cuff 1820-1826, to Michael Cuff, deceased, 1827-1833 and to John Cuff from 1838. John Cuff was an Assistant Judge or Magistrate in St Elizabeth in 1839, Adjutant in the Cornwall Militia in 1839 and Master Extraordinary for St Elizabeth in the Court of Chancery in 1850.

  2. Emmaus was known for breeding race horses: "John Cuff was supposed to have been the most successful breeder during the fifties and sixties; he it was who made Emmaus famous, that witty and humorous old turfite. It is said that he would entertain his guests till the early hours of next morning with humorous tales and turfy stories."


  1. Jamaica Almanacs, 1820-1850.

  2. E. Darby, 'Horse racing in this island, past & present', Kingston Gleaner, 03/04/1925 p. 27.

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£2,398 13s 5d

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