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George Arthurton, free person of colour, was the son of the free 'mustee' Charles Arthurton Snr. His paternal grandmother was a mulatto woman, Charlotte and paternal grandfather a white man, John Arthurton Snr (the brother of Thomas Arthurton senior who purchased Richmond Lodge in Nevis). His mother was Elizabeth Ottley and he was brother of Charles Jnr and Georgiana Arthurton (both q.v.).

  1. His grandfather left money in his will for his father’s education; Charles Arthurton Snr was to be ‘placed out to some trade in England’ of his own choosing. Nevertheless, in 1817 Charles Snr registered nine enslaved people in Nevis, and some time before 1822 acquired the plantation named Johnson's the parish of Capisterre, St Kitts. In 1817 Josiah Webbe Archbald, a free coloured man from Nevis, had registered 68 slaves on that estate, but by 1822 the number of children born exceeded the number of people who died and the population stood at 77. The 1822 slave register return for Johnson’s was signed by Humphrey Ottley, who may have been managing the estate on Charles' behalf. Ottley also signed the registers for Grace Osborn of St Kitts to whom Charles Snr had sold four slaves from Nevis: the 15-year-old Matilda and three boys aged six, four and three years (John, Stedman and Jackey). Charles Arthurton Snr also registered seven people as executor for his half-sister Elizabeth (John Arthurton Snr 'mustee' daughter with Joan Peterson).

  2. Following Charles Arthurston Snr's death between 1822 and 1825, Johnson's was put into receivership under order of the Court of Chancery. Grace Osborn ‘transferred or sold’ the four Nevis-born slaves to Charles and George Arthurton’s sister Georgiana. Elizabeth Ottley mortgaged a number of enslaved on the estate to John Bradley who, in due course, transferred them to Charles and George Arthurton: two women aged 45 and 25 (Susy, an African and Sophy, a St Kitts mulatto) and three black boys (Thomas, Arthur and Jacob). In 1828 Elizabeth Ottley registered all her children’s slaves on their behalf but three years later Charles Arthurton Jnr was old enough to submit his and George’s slave register return. He recorded that Sophia (Sophy), a domestic, had died. Of the remaining enslaved Charles and George Arthurton sold two: Thomas, a house servant, and a boy, named Jacob.


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We are extremely grateful to Christine Eickelmann for sharing with us her detailed archival research and on which this entry is based.

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