Sir John Gibbons 4th Bart.

8th Jan 1774 - 26th Mar 1844

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded one-ninth of the compensation for Lower Berney's plantation in Barbados as a trustee of the marriage settlement of John Ivatt Briscoe and Anna Maria Mawbey dated 24/09/1819.

  1. Will of Sir John Gibbons of Stanwell Place proved 18/04/1844.

  2. Sir John Gibbons MP [d. 1776], son of Sir William Gibbons 1st bart., Governor of Barbados [d. 1760], bought in 1754 Stanwell Place near Staines in Middlesex and established a family which 'retained its interest in Barbados into the present century'. Sir John Gibbons married Martha Kenrick, daughter of Rev. Dr Scawen Kenrick, and had 5 children, including Scawen Kenrick Gibbons (1755-1801), Robert Gibbons (1756-1805) and Sir William Gibbons (1751-1814). Sir William Gibbons the 3rd bart., married 1771 a daughter of Admiral Watson by whom he had a son John who in 1795 married a daughter [Elizabeth] of the late Richard Taylor or Tayler of Charlton House [Sudbury].

  3. Sir John Gibbon 4th bart.'s daughter Louisa married Sir John's cousin Robert Kenrick Gibbons (q.v.), second son of the late Robert Gibbons, at Stanwell in 1827.  




T71/895 Barbados claim no. 631C (Lower Berney's Plantn), which identifies him as of Stanwell Place near Staines.

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Further Information

Name in compensation records
Sir J. Gibbons Bart.
Elizabeth Tayler
Louisa; John
Oxford (Merton) [1791-1794 ]

Associated Claims (1)

£901 14s 1d
Awardee (Trustee)

Relationships (4)

Nephew → Uncle
Son → Father
First Cousins
Nephew → Uncle

Addresses (1)

Stanwell Place, Stanwell, Middlesex, South-east England, England