Lionel Lee

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Claimant or beneficiary


Resident planter, apparently unsuccessful co-claimant with William Hardin Burnley as owners for the compensation for the Orange Grove estate in Trinidad (which was paid to Burnley alone), and the recipient of a smaller award elsewhere in Trinidad.

  1. Lionel Lee was one of the witnesses in the local 1841 hearings into the results from the planters' points of view of Emancipation. In his evidence he said he had been in Trinidad since 1808, an overseer 'when a lad', then manager and since 1827 having 'a share in the cultivation of Orange Grove estate in the district of Tacarigua, which is now entirely under my administration and charge.'


  1. William Hardin Burnley, Observations on the present condition of the island of Trinidad (1843), p. 115.

Associated Claims (2)

£403 16s 11d
£9,260 1s 8d
Unsuccessful claimant (consensual) (Owner-in-fee)

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