Charles Forbes, Count de Montalembert

15th Apr 1810 - 13th Mar 1870

Claimant or beneficiary


Son of Marc Rene Anne Marie, marquis, comte and baron de Montalembert (1777-1831), who fought with the British against Republican France, and Elise-Rosee [Eliza-Rosee] Forbes; grandson of Jean Charles Montalembert, baron de Sers (1757-1810); and brother of James Arthur Marcus Montalembert (q.v.).

  1. Born 15/04/1810, editor of the journal l'Avenir, agent-general pour la defense de la liberte religieuse 1830-2, advocate of the Catholic church against secular republicanism.  

  2. Jean Charles Montalembert, a counter-revolutionary and British ally in St Domingue, moved from Martinique to Trinidad, bringing his slaves.

  3. Charles Forbes' maternal grandfather James Forbes was an East India man, publishing 'Oriental Memoirs' in 1813.  Charles Forbes himself founded a 'Free school', in opposition to the monoply of the French University, in 1831: he was tried by the House of Peers that year. Member of the Academie Francaise and Catholic proselytiser.


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Roman Catholic

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