Robert Westley Hall-Dare (née Robert Westley Hall) MP

1790 - 20th May 1836

Claimant or beneficiary


Robert Westley Hall-Dare, MP, who died in 1836 and whose son was also named Robert Westley Hall-Dare (q.v.); either the estate of the father or the son was awarded the compensation for Maria's Pleasure in British Guiana.

  1. Will of Robert Westley Hall Dare of [Cranbrooke in the parish of] Barking Essex proved 14/06/1836. Under the will he left his estate of Maria's Pleasure in Wakenaam, with the services of the Apprentices attached to it, to his son eldest son Robert Westley Hall Dare. In a codicil of 25/02/1836 he left an annuity of 500 guilders p.a. to Miss Verboel of Essequibo, to whom he had previously made an allowance of the same amount.

  2. Robert Westley Hall Dare (d. 1836), High Sheriff of Essex 1821 and MP for South Essex 1832-36, had taken the name Dare from his wife, Elizabeth Grafton, the half-sister of John Marmaduke Grafton Dare of Cranbrooke House. Married Elizabeth Grafton Dare 08/11/1815 in Barking, Essex.

  3. Born in Demarara, son of Robert Westley Hall, Esq., "a wealthy West India Planter", and his wife Maria Elizabeth Brower. Educated at Harrow, Captain in the 23rd Welsh Fusileers, saw service in the West Indies and the Peninsular War. Married Miss E. Grafton, only daughter and heiress of Captain Marmaduke Grafton Dare, of Cranbrooke House, in Barking, 08/11/1815 and later assumed the name Dare. "Mr Dare by his marriage came into possession of considerable property, and at the death of his father, a large addition was made to his income... In politics, Mr. Dare, it is well known, was Conservative, but his opinions were by no means of so extreme a caste as to induce him to oppose all ameliorations and concessions to the people: he belonged rather to the section of Sir R. Peel & Lord Stanley than of Roden, Londonderry, and Winchilsea. In a brief sketch of his opinions, published in 1834, we find him described as 'opposed to free trade in corn and in everything else; in favour of a repeal of the assessed, and other taxes pressing on the springs of industry, and the imposition in their stead of a tax upon property; and also in favour of an extension of the currency'..." Died at his town house, 4 Portman Square at about 46 years of age.

  4. Student at Harrow 1802-1809. Assumed the surname Dare 1823. Died 20/05/1836.


T71/887 British Guiana claim no. 2358 (Maria's Pleasure). The award was dated 02/06/1837, after the father's death but while his son was barely still a minor.

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We are grateful to William Norton for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Elizabeth Grafton Dare
Mary Elizabeth (d. 1908), Emma Burton (d. 1877), Anne Mildmay (d. 1823), Elizabeth Catherine (d. 1882), Robert Westley (1817-1866), John Grafton (1818-1819), Henry (1825-1908), Francis Marmaduke (1830-1897), Arthur Charles (1836-1837)
Harrow [1802-1808-9 ]

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£14,452 14s 1d
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1832 - 1836

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4 Portman Square, London, Middlesex, London, England
Cranbrook House, Essex, South-east England, England