Edward Moore

???? - 1852

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded the compensation with Hugh O'Connor for the High Point estate in Antigua, and almost certainly the Edward Moore 'late of O'Connor and Moore, Dublin' who died at Seamore Place Mayfair in 1852 leaving £160,000.

  1. If so, then born c. 1790 in Ireland, died 05/12/1852 of 'Benmore, Co. Galway and [4] Seamore Place Mayfair Middlesex'.

  2. Edward Moore ('d. c. 1850') was shown as 'the elder son of the late Mary O'Connor's dissolute brother James' and as partner from 1803 in the O'Connor family firm in Dublin in the Dictionary of Irish Biography entry for Mary O'Connor's husband Valentine O'Connor (q.v.).

  3. Will of Edward Moore of Benmore Galway [and Seamore Place Mayfair Middlesex] proved 22/01/1852. He left his lands in South Australia to Sir Harry Webb and Edmund William Jermingham of the London Joint Stock Bank as tenants in common, and all the rentals due to him from the freehold of Benmore in Ireland of which he was tenant for life to his cousin Valentine O'Connor Blake. He left an annuity of £600 p.a. to Madame Edna Pradon Robillard of Paris and £1000 to her daughter Marie. He left £10,000 in trust for the repair of religious buildings. His residuary heirs were his cousins.


T71/877 Antigua claim no. 359 (High Point).

  1. William D. Rubinstein, Who were the rich? A biographical dictionary of British wealth-holders Volume Two 1840-1859 (MS) reference 1852/36. The link of the Edward Moore of T71/877 Antigua No. 359 to the Edward Moore of the firm of O'Connor and Moore is suggested by Edward Moore's counterclaim under this award with Hugh O'Connor of Cheltenham, and confirmed by the fact that Benmore in Galway was listed to Mr O'Connor in 1824 and Hugh O'Connor in the 1830s [Landed Estates Database http://www.landedestates.ie/LandedEstates/jsp/property-show.jsp?id=666 accessed 17/06/2011]. Rubinstein gives him as: 'Late of O'Connor & Moore of Dublin" (Cork Examiner, 24 December 1851). This was a firm of general merchants of Bachelor's Quay, Dublin and later of 80 Marlborough Street, Dublin. Our man also inherited property in Jamaica from a John Meade (Thomas Reynolds, The Life of Thomas Reynolds, Esq. Vol. One (1839), p. 76).' The Edward Moore of the compensation records in Antigua No. 359 was certainly in London in the mid-1830s (his counterclaim gives his address as 12 Cleveland Row, St James). It may well be that Edward Moore of London 'sequestrator' in T71/915 St Andrew No. 155 is the same man as in Antigua No. 359.

  2. DIB Vol. 7 p. 285.

  3. PROB 11/2146/48.

Further Information


This is a tentatve identification with Rubinstein's 1852/36

Wealth at death

Associated Claims (1)

£2,399 1s 4d
Awardee (Mortgagee)

Relationships (3)

Business partners
Nephew → Uncle
Nephew → Uncle

Addresses (3)

Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Benmore, Co. Galway, Ireland
12 Cleveland Row, St James, London, Middlesex, London, England