John Henry Nurse

1794 - 1864

Claimant or beneficiary


Son of John Nurse (q.v.) and brother of Hon. Joshua Bushell Nurse (q.v.). Resident planter, father of Rev. John Henry Nurse, an English clergyman, William, Thomas, Elizabeth Mary (married George Thomas) and Georgiana (married Adolphus Collings, MD Barbados). Served as President of the island's council in the 1850s.

  1. In 1861 the Rev. John Henry Nurse aged 48, 'clergyman without care of souls', was living at 4 Lansdown Place Clifton with wife Fanny (nee Clarke) born Barbados and three children aged 9 to 17 born in England. Letters of administration for the estate of Rev. John Henry Nurse who died at Lansdown Place 12/11/1861 left unadministered by Fanny Nurse granted 22/01/1866 to Henry Dalzell Nurse of Trinity College Oxford the son, effects under £1500. He had matriculated Worcester College Oxford in 1830.

  2. John Henry Nurse Snr. was the recipient of 49 enslaved people, the gift of Elizabeth Taylor, recorded in the 1823 Barbados Slave Register.

  3. Named trustee and executor (along with son Rev. John Henry) of brother, Joshua Bushell's will 1839.

  4. In his will left over £8000 to John Henry, and the Ashbury estate in Barbados to his second son William, for the term of his natural life. Stated that the cost of children's marriage settlements should come from estate and if William died without issue then the estate should pass to John Henry, and £4000 to each daughter. The estate went to Chancery as Rev John Henry predeceased his father, and William died two years later. As a result Henry Dalzell Nurse challenged the daughters claim to their £4000 entitlement from the Ashbury estate.


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Further Information

Mary Gretton Nurse
John Henry, William, Elizabeth Mary, Georgiana, Thomas

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Associated Claims (7)

£405 17s 3d
£3,911 1s 3d
£38 16s 9d
£3,804 5s 2d
£67 19s 4d
£38 16s 9d
£38 16s 9d

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