George Robert Boehm Berney senior

1785 - 1855

Claimant or beneficiary


Son of Robert Berney, born Nov. 1785 in Hambledon Hants; died 13 May 1855 KingsTown Ireland. An East India Company Civil servant, in Bengal 1804-1836. He retired with the rank of Resident at Soonamooky. Had one child by 'a Bengal Lady', before marrying Charlotte Dawnay 12/06/1822. It is not clear what was his path to entitlement to compensation, but his name indicates a connection to his co-awardee Dorothy Boehm née Berney (q.v.). He was a Freemason and member of 'Star in the East' Lodge, Calcutta.

  1. Will of George Robert Boehm Berney of Kennet Lodge Reading Berkshire proved 06/08/1855. His son and namesake G. R. B. Berney (q.v.) was an early settler in New Zealand.

  2. Note that Kennet Lodge is also the name of a Masonic Lodge in Reading, Berkshire.


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Further Information

Name in compensation records
George Robert Boehm Berney Esq.
Charlotte Dawnay
George Robert Boehm Berney and 5-6 others
Civil Servant (East India Company)

Associated Claims (1)

£1,803 8s 2d

Legacies Summary

Imperial (2)

East India Company
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An East India Company Civil servant, in India...
New Zealand 
notes →
His son George Robert Boehm Berney junior (q.v.) was an early settler in New...

Relationships (2)

Father → Son
Other relatives
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The relationship is not clear but they are probably...

Addresses (3)

Hambledon, Hampshire, Wessex, England
Kennet Lodge, Basingstoke Turnpike Road, Whitley, Reading, Berkshire, Central England, England