George Edwards

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Awarded with Archibald Paull the compensation for the enslaved people on Mt Pleasant, New Castle and Kades Bay on Nevis, all as trustees for the creditors of the bankrupt London merchants John Plummer and William Wilson of Fenchurch Street, who had been declared bankrupt in late 1830 or early 1831.

To date nothing more has been traced of George Edwards, conceivably a London attorney.


T71/882 Nevis nos. 107, 109 and 124; T71/1038 statement of explanation for interest of Archibald Paull and George Edwards: arose out of bankruptcy of John Plummer and William Wilson, Paull and Edwards acting for creditors of the two men; London Gazette, Issue 18764, 04/01/1831, p. 12.

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Associated Claims (3)

£976 2S 3D
Awardee (Trustee)
£556 1S 4D
Awardee (Trustee)
£2,059 10S 6D
Awardee (Trustee)

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1834 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Trustee
1834 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Trustee