James Arthur Marcus Montalembert

1812 - 1859

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Jacques Arthur Marc, son of Marc Rene Anne Marie, marquis, comte and baron de Montalembert (1777-1831), who fought with the British against Republican France, and Elise-Rosee [Eliza-Rosee] Forbes; grandson of Jean Charles Montalembert, baron de Sers (1757-1810); brother of Charles Forbes, Comte de Montalembert (q.v.) and father of the French politician Jules de Montalembert (1850-1926).

  1. Born 06/08/1812 (some sources give 1815), page of King Charles X in 1829, graduate of the ecole militaire at St Cyr.  

  2. Jean Charles Montalembert, a counter-revolutionary and British ally in St Domingue, moved from Martinique to Trinidad, bringing his slaves.




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  2. James Epstein, 'The scandal of colonial rule: power and subversion in the British Atlantic during the Age of Revolution' [MS, Chapter 3 p. 63].

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