Charles William Hick

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  1. A hatter of 61 Cheapside.

  2. Jeremiah Carter, Charles William Hick and Peter Harris Abbott are identified as the assignees of Edward Gale Boldero, sole executor of Henry Boldero, in Thoresby v Neave, an inquiry as to who was entitled to the annuities found by a Master's Report (dated 24/07/1837) in Neave v Miller to be due. The said annuities were charged on the plantations and estates of John Abel Ward of Nevis in 1774. Carter, Hick and Abbott are at the head of a long list of those entitled. [London Gazette 22415 21/08/1860 p. 3106]. The banking firm of Charles Boldero, Edward Gale Boldero, Sir Henry Lushingotn and Henry Boldero of Cornhill had failed in 1812.


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  2. London Gazette, Issue 22415, 21/08/1860, p. 3106; London Gazette, Issue 16557, 04/01/1812, p. 17.

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£450 13s 2d
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61 Cheapside, London, Middlesex, London, England