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A Charles Robertson was partner with Dudley Semper in Montserrat under Robertson & Co. and in Antigua under Charles Robertson & Co. until their dissolution in 1824, and was briefly a large-scale slave-owner on Antigua (including of Archbold's estate in 1828). It is not yet confirmed that the Charles Robertson who was the awardee of three small claims on Antigua was the same man.


London Gazette 18023 01/05/1824 p. 703; for 1821, T71/247 pp. 234-244 shows Charles Robertson registering 422 enslaved people, the result of the purchase of 537 'at Marshals', 'late property of John Roberts', and the sale of 115 to George Thomas Thomas. He also registered several enslaved people jointly with Dudley Semper of Montserrat in the same year, T71/247 p. 255. By 1824, he registered 238 as prop. plus 29 leased from John Harris, T71/248 pp. 650-655, and in 1828 he registered 239 people as prop., T71/249 pp. 605-609.

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£13 0s 2d
£20 3s 11d
£80 18s 11d

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