John Lucie Smith junior

1795 - 1844

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Son of John Lucie Smith (1767-1843) and Anna McLaurin (1776-1829). Born 24/12/1795 in Georgetown, Demerara. Married Martha Bean (1805-1880). Two children: Henrietta (born 1832, British Guiana) and William Frederick Haynes Smith (born 1838, Georgetown). One natural son, John Barkly Lucie-Smith. Memorial inscription in St Michael's Cathedral, Barbados states he was "late an eminent Barrister and Member of the Court of Policy of British Guiana." His son William Frederick was Attorney General of British Guiana, 1874-1888, Governor of Antigua and Barbuda, 1888-1895 and Governor of the Leeward Islands and the Bahamas, 1895-1898.

  2. Graduate of Leyden University.

  3. Will of John Lucie Smith of Hastings Barbados proved 09/12/1847. The will was a joint will made 04/04/1844 at Hastings Barbados with his wife Martha nee Bean. The will left the survivor their house at Blackheath, and noted that once Vreedenhoop was clear of debt an Asylum for the aged and infirm was to be erected there: 'our brother Evan [Euan?]' had agreed to come in for £5000, and a lesser sum might be adequate.


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Further Information

Name in compensation records
John L. Smith jun.
Leyden [1818 ]

Associated Claims (2)

£304 15s 4d
£133 19s 10d

Relationships (1)

Son-in-law → Father-in-law

Addresses (1)

Roselle, Blackheath, Kent, South-east England, England
Notes →

John Lucie Smith inherited property at Blackheath from his father John Lucie Smith MD.