George Goodin Barrett the younger

Urban Development

New Milverton

Leamington Priors (Warwickshire)

Built 30th Nov -0001


Comber House (built in 1824 and sold in 1827 for £6000); Milverton Lodge (built in 1825 and sold in 1839), Bertie Villa (built in 1827 and used as security for several mortgages as well as a family home) and Strathearn House (built in the late 1820s), all in Leamington Priors and all developed by George Goodin Barrett. He also speculated in land for property development in Leamington Priors.

For a detailed account of George's property development in Leamington Priors, see Jane N. Croom, 'An Eligible Spot for Building': the Suburban Development of Greatheed land in New Milverton, 1824-c.1900', Warwickshire History XV(5) 217-234 (available at [accessed 05/02/2014].

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