Edwin Lascelles, 1st Baron Harewood

Country house

Harewood House

Harewood, Leeds (Yorkshire)

Built 1st Jan 1759 £37,000


Built for Edwin Lascelles, 1st Baron Harewood, 1759-1771. Architect was John Carr. Interiors by Robert Adam. Enlarged in the 1840s for Henry Lascelles, 3rd Earl Harewood, by Sir Charles Barry. Built at cost of £37,000 excluding Robert Adam's fees; a further £6839 was paid to Thomas Chippendale and 'an almost identical sum' to Capability Brown [Wilson and Mackley, Creating Paradise p. 323].


See Brian Wragg, The life and works of John Carr of York (2000).

Further Information

John Carr
Details of modifications

Enlarged for Henry Lascelles, 3rd Earl Harewood, in the 1840s.

Architect of modifications
Sir Charles Barry
Current owner
Not known