John Tharp IV, of Good Hope and Chippenham Park

Country house

Chippenham Park

Newmarket (Cambridgeshire)

Purchased 1st Jan 1791


John Tharp bought Chippenham Park c. 1791, and was responsible for significant landscaping and tree planting at the house. He had plans for a new house, never executed, drawn up by James Wyatt in 1794: only the entrance gateway and lodges on the Newmarket Road were built. In 1798-1799 another set of unexecuted plans were made by Thomas Sandys, of which the New Row cottages in Chippenham village were probably the only tangible product. Two other sets of plans in the 19thC were also abandoned, before Monty Tharp-Gent rebuilt the house in Queen Anne style in the late 1880s. The house remains in the family.

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