Peter Thellusson senior

Country house

Rendlesham Hall


Purchased 30th Nov -0001


Rendlesham Hall, Suffolk, purchased by Peter Thellusson 'a London banker and West Indian merchant of Swiss origin' and rebuilt by his great grandson the fifth Lord Rendlesham to William Burn's designs 1868-1871. 'The fortune which supported Lord Rendelsham's building programme derived from his share of Peter Thellusson's fortune, in trust since 1797 and finally divided with his second cousin, Charles Sabine Augustus Thellusson of Brodsworth (Yorkshire), the other '"eldest male lineal descendant" under the terms of the notorious Thellusson will.' [Richard Wilson and Alan Mackley, Creating Paradise pp. 217-218]. Demolished 1949.

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Details of modifications

Rebuilt 1868-1871

Architect of modifications
William Burn
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