Thomas Berry Horsfall

MP (Conservative)


As Liverpool MP spoke in the interests of the merchants and shipowners of the City: e.g. On the Merchant Shipping Bill (1853: HC Deb 15 July 1853 vol 129 cc275-91) on the China Trade, (HC Deb 27 March 1855 vol 137 cc1243-7).

Elections / Constituences

Derby Derbyshire
1852 - 1853 

Elected 1852 but election declared void, March 1853. Horsfall then became MP for Liverpool.

Liverpool Lancashire
1853 - 1868 

Parliamentary Notes

Customs Duties (Sugar) Bill House of Commons 02/06/1854

Supported the government on the Sugar Duties question (reduction and equalization of duties)

Riots in Demerara — Question House of Commons 06/06/1856

Concerned with the recent riots in Demerara: asked that copies of Governor Wodehouse's Despatches on the subject be laid on the table of the House. Labouchere, Secretary of State for the Colonies, agreed to this. Sir Philip Edmond Wodehouse (1811–1887) was governor of British Guiana (1854-1858): his policies of 'stabilizing' the economy the cause in part of two serious riots, which were put down forcefully.