Charles Nicholas Pallmer

MP (Tory / West India interest)


Entered Parliament on the interest of Sir James Graham 'solely to champion the West India planters in their resistance to the slave registry bill'. (Thorne) Public letter to Joseph Marryat on this issue and the recipient of The Penal Enactments of the Slave Registry Bill, examined in a letter to C. N. Pallmer esq. MP (1816). 1816 blamed the insurrection in Barbados on missionaries and illusions of immediate emancipation. Moved address to Prince Regent to instruct West Indian governors to proclaim against the insurrection, 19 June 1816.

When voted, did so with the government. Opposed to RC Relief May 1816. Last known vote 25 February 1817.

Thorne (ed.), House of Commons, 1790-1820, vol. 4.

Elections / Constituences

Ludgershall Wiltshire
1815 - 1817 
Surrey Surrey
1826 - 1830