John Gordon 4th of Cluny

MP (Tory / West India interest)


Mired in Old Corruption in terms of electoral bribery etc. See Fisher entry for some details.

Strongly opposed to Parliamentary Reform. E.g. In the debates on a petition from the National Union of the Working Classes asking for the repeal of the Six Acts, Gordon said: 'These Political Unions were founded on what they called the "Rights of Man"β€” words used by the enemies of the British Constitution, and of everything that pertains to it.' HC Debates, 29 June 1831, vol IV, col. 470.

Strong anti-Catholic.

β€˜An almost silent supporter of the Liverpool, Canning and Wellington administrations.’ (Fisher, House of Commons, 1820-1832, vol. 5)

Elections / Constituences

Weymouth and Melcombe Regis Dorset
1826 - 1832