Dominica 153 (Moore Park, St Andrew)

5th Aug 1839 | 78 Enslaved | £1363 17s 1d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/881: claim by Charles Digges, owner. Counterclaim by John Constable, of London, under a judgement against Charles Digges for £4000, and also versus Chas. Court for £25525 5s 8d. Counterclaim by Chas. Court, creditor by mortgage and equitable lien. Counterclaim from T. and W. King. Threat of a Chancery suit. The counterclaim was withdrawn. Consent, dated 01/08/1839, signed by Mr Walker (as solr for Joseph Watley, the executor of the claimant) and by John C. Burford, solr for the counterclaimant Chas. Court and John Constable, for the award to be made in favour of John Constable.

T71/1611: complaint, dated 21/02/1837, from A. Walker, of 5 Southampton buildings, Bloomsbury, London, stating: my clerk has applied 'on some twenty occasions for copies of the proceedings.'

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Moore Park, St Andrew

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