Grenada 562 (Crayfish)

2nd Nov 1835 | 115 Enslaved | £3035 19s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 98.

T71/880: claim from the Countess of Buchan, of Scotland in Great Britain (under Grenada claim no. 563).

An Assistant Commissioner's Note (bound in to T71/880 - see Grenada claim no. 428) says of this claim: 'This claim has been made under a power of attorney from the owner previous to her marriage tho it also appears from an unauthenticated copy that a power has been granted by the Countess of Buchan and her trustees to Thomas Duncan who has left the country without registering such power or leaving any substitution but he has left the charge and direction of the property with the former Attorney of the Claimant, and of which he is now the Manager'.

T71/1592 pp. 125-6: letter, dated 15/04/1835, to Thomas Duncan, Edinburgh, trustee of Lady Buchan, referring to a defective power of attorney in Grenada, and advising the filing of a counterclaim.

T71/1592 p. 165: letter, dated 29/06/1835, to Thomas Duncan, notifying him that the Grenada claim includes two on behalf of the Countess of Buchan by her attorney Geo. Patterson junior, i. e. 115 enslaved persons on Crayfish and (under Grenada claim no. 563) in the Parish of St Mark.

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