Barbados 2954B (Mapps Estate)

14th Nov 1836 | 123 Enslaved | £1259 6s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 326.

T71/1306: claim by Robert Allen (deceased) and Richard Smith, as owners-in-fee, by their attorney Wm Sharp.

T71/897 Counterclaim by Mary Elizabeth Allen, spinster, of Lymington, Hampshire, one of six children of Robert Allen. Counterclaim by Charlotte Allen, Eliza Susannah Allen, and Henrietta Louisa Allen, all of Lymington, Hampshire, and Henry Allen, of Barbados, each for 1/12th part under a settlement dated 27/09/1799. Robert Allen, of Barcombe Lewes, Sussex, clerk,  (counter-?) claimed in the name of Henry George Acklom Allen (an infant), as claimant in reversion, as heir at law of an interest in the undivided moiety in right of his mother, the late Mary Gibbes Allen.

T71/1592 p. 167 & 174: letters, dated 30/06/1835 and 10/07/1835, to Rev. Robert Allen: 'it will be impossible for you to fill up the counterclaim [returned] until you have the classified Returns'.

T71/1592 p. 212: letter, dated 22/08/1835, returning a memorandum left in the letterbox of the office that morning: 'it must have been obvious to you that a more formal document than that in question will be required.'

T71/1593 p. 16: letter, dated 12/12/1835, to Rev. Robert Allen, of Barcombe Lewes, Sussex, to tell him he had until 01/01/1836 to file a counterclaim.

T71/1593 p. 329: letter, dated 17/11/1836: 'it is neither necessary not regular that any further correspondence should be take place on the subject.'

T71/1593 p. 332: letter, dated 22/11/1836: if you want to appeal go to the Privy Council.

T71/1593 p. 378: letter, dated 21/01/1837: go to Accountant General for determination of payment.

T71/556 p. 7: enslaved persons were registered by W.T. Sharpe, as the attorney to Robert Allen and R. Smith for Mapps.

1/6th of the compensation was awarded to each of the counterclaims.

Note that William Sharp, given as Attorney in the note on T71/1306 above may be confused with William Thomas Sharpe, given above in the note on T71/556 p. 7.



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