Jamaica St Mary 416 (Derry)

17th Apr 1837 | 108 Enslaved | £2001 12s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 288.

Award split: £92 15s 10d to McBean; £1908 16s 3d to Burke.

T71/856: John Burke, executor of Francis Bowen, original claimant 'as trustee and executor of Francis Bowen the elder deceased.' Ann McBean counterclaimed as judgement creditor of October 1831 for £99 14s 9d.

T71/1594 p. 134: letter to T.F. Hill, 18 Tokenhouse Yard, dated 02/11/1837 stating there is a challenge from someone else interested in estate of Francis Bowen and asking if JB is really a personal representative?

T71/1606: letter from T.F. Hill acting for John Burke as cover to a letter from J.C. Clarke, 4 Water St Lane, Tower St, stating that Clarke had looked at Francis Bowen senior's will, and John Burke is executor only for his [executor's] lifetime, as Francis Bowen had omitted 'the normal clause, "his executors, administrators or assigns" '. Clarke was married to one of Francis Bowen's daughters 'in whose sight I make this application.' 'I am further inclined to make this application in consequence of Mrs Clarke not having received one penny from the Estate since her father's death.'

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St Mary
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