Jamaica Westmoreland 467A (Bog Estate)

18th Jan 1836 | 397 Enslaved | £7000 0s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 64.

Westmoreland claim no. 467B was litigated. See also Westmoreland claim nos. 213 and 465. Not clear that this was settled or fought through. Jonathan Brundrett, Isaac G. Currie and William Pitcairn were trustees for John Graham Campbell (see Westmoreland claim no. 213).

T71/1593: letter, dated 13/01/1836, to A.H. Beaumont, stating that the case has been delayed because of your letter of 06/01/1836, saying you filed a counterclaim; 'no trace appears here of any such document having been received'. Letter, dated 15/01/1836, to A. H. Beaumont, stating: 'An application has been made...to request that you should be called upon to shew by what authority you have filed a counterclaim against the same on behalf of Mr Whitelock'. Letter, dated 22/01/1836, to A.H. Beaumont, stating: your counterclaim is on a judgement versus the administrator of Archibald Campbell; the claim is by the trustees of John Graham Campbell.

T71/1608: letter from A. H. Beaumont, Brompton Square (London), received 08/01/1836, stating: 'I lodged at the office...a counterclaim on the above claim. It appears to have been misplaced and therefore does not appear. I am sure it will turn up and therefore request the commissioners delay the award till the Search is made and until I call at your office which I shall do in a few days'.

See also Westmoreland claim no. 213.

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Bog Estate
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Brundrett, J; IC; WP

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