Jamaica St Mary 1 (Agualta Vale Pen)

21st Dec 1835 | 194 Enslaved | £3817 6s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 288.


Washington Hibbert & others v Thomas Hibbert & others. This appears to have been an administrative suit (rather than conflictual) under the will of Thomas Hibbert of Agualta Vale.


T71/856: original claim by Ambrose Humphries, trustee of the estate of Thomas Hibbert. Counterclaim from John Hibbert, Rev. John Mansfield and John Smith, surviving devisees in trust and executors of the will of Thos Hibbert.


NDO4/2 'Jamaica Special' St Mary 1,3 & 10 signed for by Ambrose Humphreys [no date?].


T71/1606: letter dated 07/07/1835 from Ambrose Humphries, 22 Upper Wimpole Street, London: I am the Committee appointed by Court of Chancery of Thos Hibbert the son of the deceased Thomas Hibbert, not trustee of the estate of Thomas Hibbert. Trustees of will of Thomas Hibbert were John Hobbert, Rev. John Mansfield, JS, 'all of whom are resident in or near London'. Letter from Humphries dated 16/11/1835: reason why money should be paid to Thomas Hibbert or trustees without order of Chancery is that Thomas Hibbert devised his Estates to trustees in settlement for his children; at same time, directed suit in Chancery for carrying the Trusts of his will into Execution, directing that Ambrose Humphries should be sole receiver, and by codicil directed that his property should not be invested in funds of this country but in funds of USA or land in Great Britain, or mortgage on freehold land in Great Britain. On the death of Hibbert in 1807, a suit in Chancery was instituted, and Humphries was appointed receiver. Thomas Hibbert junior was eldest son and first tenant for life. Can you pay it to me or trustees?


T71/1592 p. 173: letter dated 09/11/1835 : Court of Chancery to Humphries stating a mistake was made in the Jamaica claim, which can be rectified  by Humphries or the trustee of Mr Hibbert filing a counterclaim.


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St Mary
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Agualta Vale Pen

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