Jamaica Westmoreland 83 (Fontabelle)

22nd Aug 1836 | 187 Enslaved | £2567 12s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 304.

Charles Armstrong & others versus Anna Katherine Storer & others.

See also Westmoreland claim no. 472 for Charles Armstrong as a London merchant and Westmoreland claim no. 274 for Ann Catherine Storer as of England.

Kathleen Mary Butler, The economics of Emancipation: Jamaica and Barbados 1823-1843 (Chapel Hill and London, University of North Carolina Press, 1995) p. 94: reference to the unusual case of Ann Katherine Storer, a widow, appointed as female receiver (by the Jamaica Court of Chancery).

Joseph Sturge and Thomas Harvey, The West Indies in 1837 (London, Hamilton, Adams, & Co., 1838) p. lxi-lxii: no ownership identified. References to Mr GEORGE COLLO and Mr SHALLITO, attorneys.

Times 11/03/1846: Ann Catherine Storer was still in litigation in Armstong vs Storer. The suit, with two others, was instituted by unsatisfied creditors of Anthony Gilbert Storer, of Jamaica. Joseph Stone Williams had been receiver; he petitioned in 1831 to be relieved; he was due a balance of £3654 2s sterling. 'Grant', Joseph Stone Williams's executor, petitioned to be paid from the slave compensation money. Evelyn Bazalgette, a plaintiff in one of the suits, entered into an arrangement on 11/08/1845 with Grant to purchase the debt found due to Williams. Ann Catherine Storer was protesting this deal.

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