Jamaica St John 1 (Dove Cote Park)

7th Nov 1836 | 35 Enslaved | £777 0s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 286.

The award was split: £447 6s 10d went to Burrows, 07/11/1836; £329 13s 4d went to Woodrooffe & Crane, 27/11/1837.

T71/854: claim from John Bagnold Burrows, as owner.

T71/854: no reference to Woodroffe and Crane (however, T71/1378 identifies them as trustees for Ellen Peake Burrows, now the wife of Thomas Taylor).

T71/1606: letter, dated 18/11/1837, from Woodroffe & Co., following a letter from the solicitor of John Bagnold Burrows in Jamaica, stating: please add Mr Wm. Woodroffe as trustee for John Bagnold Burrows, the Court of Chancery having been pleased to award him an Estate for life. Letter from A.H. Beaumont, received 28/11/1837, asking if the Court of Chancery will limit trusts to the trustees for tenant for life and the remainder to AHB, so as to avoid making the trustees judges of the effect of the deeds from Burrows to Congreve and from Taylor to Beaumont. Letter from A.H. Beaumont, asking for J.W. Crane as his trustee.  

T71/1378: A.H. Beaumont had paid Thomas Taylor and his wife £400 sterling for the compensation. Benefits under St John claim no. 1, dated 07/04/'7th year of reign WIV'.

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