Jamaica St James 555 (Paradise Pen)

8th Feb 1836 | 68 Enslaved | £1408 3s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 73.


T71/873: claim from James Cunningham, George Cunningham and Samuel Cunningham, of Great Britain, as trustees. A note states: 'under an indre [?] 1st Oct 1815 and recorded 11 April 1816'. A second note states: 'Registry by Jno Coats in right of his wife'. John Coates' wife was Mary nee Cunningham: it is not clear whether the three men acting as trustees were her relatives or not.


See also St James claim no. 284, which shows James Cunningham in Clifton, Bristol, and Samuel Cunningham in London.

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St James
Claim No.
Paradise Pen
Collected by
Cunningham, Saml.

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Awardee (Trustee)
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