St Lucia 757 (Balenbouche)

15th Jul 1842 | 164 Enslaved | £4174 5s 8d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.


T71/884: claim by M. and Mde. Drivon. Multiple complex counterclaims include John Bellingham Inglis of Mark Lane London, by transfer by Rev Wm Jno Jolliffe of all claims due to the Firm of Inglis Ellice & co. and Inglis & co., assignment of 16/03/1830 of numerous mortgages, £16087 0s 11d [see also St Lucia # 763]. Counterclaim from John Tomlinson of Liverpool and Hannah Hammill of Liverpool, executors of Martin Hammill, mortgage and execution. Counterclaims from Muter, Duncan Ferguson etc., Castries merchants.

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St Lucia
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