St Lucia 487A-C (Malgre Tout)

12th Mar 1836 | 101 Enslaved | £2682 5s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 113.

Award split: £894 1s 9d to each (10d for 487C).

T71/1042: Letter from A. Gordon, Old Broad Street, London, 10/03/1836. The award for this claim was made for the claimant Honore-Marie Gaillard Laubenque but before payment could be collected he died intestate and the National Debt Office will not allow the compensation to be collected on his behalf. Asking therefore for the award to be amended to his three children. James Cavan Esquire "together with another gentleman" acts under power of attorney for the three children.

Further Information

St Lucia
Claim No.
Malgre Tout
Collected by
Cavan, James (A-C)

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