Trinidad 1661 (Brechin Castle Estate)

21st Mar 1836 | 96 Enslaved | £4333 16s 10d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 168.


T71/894 James William Freshfield and John Beadnell, owners-in-fee [sic]. James William Freshfield, 9 Upper Wimpole St, and Moor Place, Betchworth, Dorking.


T71/519 p. 2410: owned by Smith Payne and Smiths, registered by Duncan McBean their attorney, late the property of Manning & Anderdon [up from 43 slaves previous return].


T71/1080: claim shows James William Freshfield and John Beadnell as owners-in-fee, note says slaves tranferred to them by Smith Payne and Smiths under indenture of lease and release on 03/11/1823 [sic].

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Claim No.
Brechin Castle Estate
Collected by
Freshfield, JW and John Beadnell

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