Barbados 3321 (Graeme Hall)

2nd May 1836 | 124 Enslaved | £2809 19s 9d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 190.

T71/898: claim from George Hewitt, as executor for Wm Perch (deceased). Counterclaim from James Neil, of Pall Mall, mortgage and judgement for all of the award. (See also Barbados claim nos. 3322 and 4312).

T71/555 p. 256: enslaved persons were registered by George Hewitt, executor to the estate of John Wm Perch.

Kathleen Mary Butler, The Economics of Emancipation: Jamaica and Barbados 1823-1843 (Chapel Hill and London, University of North Carolina Press, 1995) p. 62: James Neil withdrew his counterclaim when George Hewitt agreed to honour a prior debt of Wm Perch to Jas Neil.

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Claim No.
Graeme Hall
Collected by
Gibbs, Geo. atty

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Unsuccessful claimant (consensual) (Mortgagee)
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