Charles Armstrong

Partnership Role

Charles Armstrong
Senior partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

NB London Gazette 15697 28/4/1804 p. 544 shows dissolution of Charles and William Armstrong, Charles Armstrong to continue; London Gazette 16120 16/2/1808 p. 254 shows dissolution of copartnership  of Armstrong & Scott of 11 Clements Lane on 31st December 1807; London Gazette 18357 1/5/1827 p. 968 shows dissolution of Charles Armstrong & Co. (Charles and William Armstrong and Daniel Bazalgette); London Gazette No. 18377 10/7/1827 p. 8 shows dissolution of Armstrongs & Bazalgette [CA, WA, DB and Louis Bazalgette jun.]: C & W Armstrong continue as sole liquidating parties; London Gazette 18467 6 May 1828 p. 875 shows William Armstrong retiring; London Gazette 20341 7 May 1844 p. 1564 shows dissolution of partnership  of Charles Armstrong and George Curling, wholesale druggists; London Gazette 21439 13 May 1853 p. 1384 partnership of Charles Armstrong and Francis Day Lockwood at 3 Sun court Cornhill expires.

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