Daniel Brade

Partnership Role

Turner, Brade & Co.
Name partner

South American merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Dissolution of partnership 26/13/1819 between Thomas Turner, Daniel Brade, Jas Weetman, Charles Schwind and Adalbert Joseph Chmel (by attorney) trading as Weetman Turner (in Liverpool) and Schwind, Chmel & Co. (in Bahia).

  2. (Belated) announcement dissolution of 3 partnerships each described as commission-merchants of Thomas Turner, Daniel Brade, Charles Schwind and Frederick Lewis Schwind (a) with Charles Perkins Armfield at Pernambuco, CPA retired 30/7/1831, as witness our hands 11/10/1833; (b) amongst themselves as Brade, Schwind at Pernambuco by mutual consent 1/4/1834, as signed 20/9/1834; (c) with Carter Thomas Weetman in Brazil 31/5/1833, signed 20/9/1834 (Schwind and Weetman continue as Schwind, Weetman and Co.).

  3. Bankruptcy of Thomas Turner, Daniel Brade and Charles Schwind of Liverpool and Frederick Lewis Schwind of Bahia in S. America trading in Liverpool as Turner Brade & Co., and in Bahia as Schwind, Turner & Co.

Firm Sources

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