Quintin Hogg

Partnership Role

Hall McGarel & Co.

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Partnership  of Charles McGarel, David Hall and Alexander Hall Hall of 32 Fenchurch Street under firm of Hall, M'Garel & Co., West India merchants, dissolved 1/1842.

  2. Bosanquet & Naghten, Bosanquet & Curtis, Curtis Campbell etc. are the successor firms to Hall M'Garel (the latter and Bosanquet & Naghten were both located at 32 Fenchurch St., and the change taking place between 1840 and 1845), although M'Garel's role in the new firm is only so far inferred from the evidence of Quintin Hogg (M'Garels' brother-in-law) joining Bosanquet & Naghten under M'Garel's sponsorship, e.g., in Ethel M. Hogg's biography of Quentin Hogg.  Thomas Naghten was Charles M'Garel's attorney in British Guiana, and died in 1832: the Thomas Naghten of Bosanquet & Naghten is almost certainly his son, who died in 1865.

  3. 1861 (29/6/1861) Augustus Henry Bosanquet, Thomas Naghten, Percival Bosanquet formerly in Fenchurch St., since in Rood Lane dissolved as far as Augustus Henry Bosanquet is concerned [he retired], to be continued by Thomas Naghten, Percival Bosanquet and Spencer Henry Curtis.

  4. 1883 (30/6/1883) Partnership of Percival Bosanquet, Spencer Henry Curtis, Quintin Hogg, William Middleton Campbell, 23 Rood Lane, as Bosanquet, Curtis & Co., dissolved (Percival Bosanquet retired), continuing as Hogg, Curtis, Campbell & Co.

  5. 1895 retirement of Sir Frederick Russell Hogg of Hogg, Curtis, Campbell & Co.

  6. 1898 Quintin Hogg retired, Spencer Henry Curtis and William Middleton Campbell continue.


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