Port Mourant

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1813 [EA] - 10/04/1823 [ED] → Owner
1823 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Joint owner
1823 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Joint owner
1826 [EA] - 1836 [EY] → Owner

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£12,083 14S 9D

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[Name] Port Mourant  
[Crop] Cotton  

In 1813 the intention was announced to sell Port Mourant, described as a cotton plantation situate on the Corentyn coast, as a result of sequestration and execution granted by local attorneys of John and Robert Gladstone of Liverpool versus Stephen Mourant, the owner.

London Gazette 16794 26/10/1813 p. 2125
[Number of enslaved people] 131(Tot) 56(F) 75(M)  
[Name] Port Mourant  

Return of slaves on Port Mourant situate on the west coast of the River Corantyne the property of Stephen Mourant. This return made by Stephen Mourant proprietor 02/12/1817.

T71/437 263-265
[Name] Port Mourant  

In 1821 the estate was again annnounced to be sold, on petition by H. Stall [sic] q.q. the heirs of William Ord deceased versus Stephen Mourant. In April 1823 the proceeds of the execution sale on '10th April last past' were advertised for creditors of William Ord to lay claims against.

London Gazette 17765 17/11/1821 p. 2264; 17942 22/07/1823 p. 1210
[Number of enslaved people] 200(Tot) 54(F) 146(M)  
[Name] Port Mourant  

Return of slaves the property of Richard Atkinson and Donald Ross and attached to Plant. Port Mourant, return made by the latter. 90 of these enslaved people had been removed from Plants. Johns and Clifton and attached to Plant. Port Mourant April 1823.

T71/442 610-618
[Number of enslaved people] 213(Tot)  
[Name] Port Mourant  

Property of Donald Ross, return by himself

T71/443 215-216
[Number of enslaved people] 201(Tot)  
[Name] Port Mourant  

Return of slaves the property of D.Ross and Richd. Atkinson and attached to Pln Mourant: 'the undivided half of the remaining number of slaves sold by the undersigned on the 3rd Jul 1826 to Donald Ross', [signed] Richard Atkinson.

This appears duplicative of Donald Ross's own entry

T71/443 495-496
[Number of enslaved people] 208(Tot)  
[Name] Port Mourant  

Return of slaves the property of Donald Ross and and attached to Pln Mourant: by himself.

T71/444 493-496