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1807 [EA] - 1807 [LA] → Owner

Reportedly inherited the estate from her brother John c. 1807.

1812 [EA] - 1817 [LA] → Owner
1822 [EA] - 1822 [LA] → Owner
1825 [EA] - 1825 [LA] → Owner
1828 [EA] - 1828 [LA] → Previous owner

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£2,566 2S 6D
This is an inferred association only, based on size and Edward Huggins' ownership: no 'Old Manor' appears in the Slave Registers and no estate called Hendricksons appears in the compensation records


Hendrickson was inherited by Sarah Laurence nee Hendrickson c. 1807 from her brother John Hendrickson. Her husband Samuel Laurence of Nevis took over the management of the estate, reportedly selling it to John Hanley in 1812, whose successor Alexander Hanley gave it up to Laurence in 1823.


David Small and Christine Eickelmann's 'Clifton Estate, Nevis: an Account of Absence and Ambition' http://seis.bris.ac.uk/~emceee/cliftonhistory.pdf [accessed 29/11/2017].

Estate Information (6)

What is this?

[Number of enslaved people] 75(Tot)  
[Name] Hendricksons  

Return of John Hanley, owner

T71/364 124-125
[Number of enslaved people] 78(Tot)  
[Name] Hendricksons  

Return of Alexander Hanley, owner

T71/365 103-104
[Number of enslaved people] 74(Tot)  
[Name] Hendrickson's  

Return of Samuel Laurence, owner; 77 enslaved people were received from Alexander Hanley on 3 Mar 1823

T71/366 120-122
[Number of enslaved people] 69(Tot)  
[Name] Hendricksons  

Return of "Samuel Laurence late of this island Esquire since deceased at the last and former returns but now in the possession of Samuel Laurence Esquire as manager appointed by William Laurence Esquire, the Rev. John Hendrickson Laurence, John Woodley and Samuel Laurence Esquires, devisees thereof in trust under the last will and testament of Samuel Laurence deceased..."

T71/367 69-71
[Number of enslaved people] 155(Tot) 82(F) 73(M)  
[Name] Hendrickson's  

Return of Edward Huggins, owner; this is a full return of enslaved on the estate; 14 people were transferred from the attorneys of John F Pinney: 16 from Hanleys and 65 from Symond's Estate

T71/368 74-79
[Number of enslaved people] 146(Tot)  
[Name] Hendricksons  

Return of Edward Huggins, owner

T71/369 123-124