King Peters

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- 1795 [EY] → Lessee

Hugh Forbes of St Vincent identified himself as lessee for one-third of Lot no. 34 in St David Parish when he made his will in 1793, at which point there were nine years left on the lease (from 01/07/1793).

1773 [EA] - → Owner

C. Craig was shown as the 'present proprietor' of Courland Bay (St David) no. 40 by John Fowler c.1773, which Woodcock shows as becoming King Peters.

1819 [EA] - 1819 [LA] → Attorney


Appears in the 1819 registration but not yet identified in the compensation records. Woodcock shows the 'present possessor' c. 1862 as not known and did not include it on his list of those in cultivation in 1832 and 1862.

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[Name] King Peter  

C. Craig was shown as present proprietor by John Fowler

[Number of enslaved people] 76(Tot) 38(F) 38(M)  
[Name] King Peters  

The return was given in the name of Louis Desperez but was signed in the form of a sworn note from James Morries Collier attorney to Louis Desperez dated 31/05/1819 explaining that Desperez had been ill and that the slaves had been omitted to be returned within the time specified 'and that none of the said slaves have been illegally imported or brought here within the three years preceding this return.'

T71/462 224-227