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1792 [SY] - → Owner


In 1794 the owner ['Eigenaar'] of Plantagie Glasgouw was shown as W. Macfarlane.

  1. 'William Macfarlane became manager of the Mount Alexander estate in Granada for Houston & Co and rose to become a member of the island assembly by the late 1780s. [Douglas Hamilton, Scotland, The Caribbean and the Atlantic World, 1750-1820, p88; Ned C Landsman (ed), Nation and Province in the First British Empire: Scotland and the Americas, p111]; in 1792 he was granted the 500 acres plantation on the coast of Berbice, which was named Glasgow [Kaartboek van de navolgende gronden uitgegeven in de kolonie Berbice, met acten van meting (1790-1793)]. He was also in partnership with Matthew Munro and James Blair, both of Grenada, and Lambert Blair of Berbice, trading as Lambert Blair & Co. Macfarlane died before 1799 [London Gazette 1799].'

NB Not yet traced in the Slave Registers or the compensation records.


Naam-Lyst der Bestierders, officieren, bediendens en plantagien op de colonie de Berbice (Amsterdam, 1794), transcribed by Paul Koulen. We are very grateful to Mr Koulen for making his transcription available to us.

  1. David Alston, Slaves and Highlanders accessed 16/12/2013.

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[Name] Glasgow  

Plantagie Glasgow. Eigenaar [owner]. W. Macfarlane

Naam-Lyst...op de colonie de Berbice (1794) [transcribed by Paul Koulen, 2011] p.10