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1829 →
[London Gazette]
1844 →
Thomas Harris & Co. [London Gazette]
1844 →
Castles & Co. Milk Street [London Gazette]


  1. Dissolution of co-partnership as Malt Distilers and dealers in spirits heretofore carried on in Cheese Lane in parish of St Philip and Jacob, in County of Gloucester adjoining the City of Bristol, under firm and style of Thomas Castle & co., after death of Thomas Castle in 1827 and effluxion of time for remaining partners 30/9/1829, to be carried on by Levi Ames, John Ames, Michael Hinton Castle and Thomas Harris under the firm and style of Thomas Harris & Co. (Signatories Lionel Lyde, Levi & John Ames, T.Harris, Geo. H Ames, Mich. Hinton Castle and then Michael Hinton Castle, Geo. E. Kiddell and William Edwards as exros of Thomas Castle.)

  2. Dissolution of partnership which has for some years susbsisted between Levi Ames, Michael Hinton Castle, Thomas Harris and Robert Castle as Rectifying Distillers and Dealers in Foreign and British Spirits at Milk Street Bristol under firm of Castles and Company, to be continued by Michael Hinton Castle and Robert Castle in conjunction with William Jones of Bristol distiller 30/9/1844.   

  3. Dissolution of Thomas Harris & Co (Levi Ames, John Ames, MHCastle, Thoms Harris) as Malt Distillers and Dealers in Spirits in Cheese Lane, 30/9/1844


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