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Founded 1769 by 3 Glasgow merchants and 2 Newcastle men.

  1. Dalnotter, August 31, 1787. Notice, That the Co-partnership of the Glasgow Iron and Steel Company, originally bearing the Firm of Murdochs, Hudson and Company- and afterwards generally called the Dalnotter Companny, and bearing the Firm of Murdoch, Gillies and Company, was this Day dissolved, and William Cuninghame, Esq; of Lainshaw, is to be no longer concerned in the Business. William Cuninghame; James Gordon; Peter Murdoch; John Gillies; Robert Dunmore.

  2. In 1800 all the company's properties in Old Kilpatrick Parish were purchased for £9,250 by Dennistouns, McNairs and Tassie (Robert and Richard Dennistoun, Robert and James McNair, Walter Tassie), and the works were possibly sold c. 1813. The business produced iron work for the American trade, including hand tools and mill parts.


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