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Robert Welch wrote to the Commissioners in 1837 in pursuit of the compensation for Newhall and Hillside in St Thomas-in-the-Vale Jamaica, the compensation for which had already been paid to Robert Hayes Welch (q.v.), the son of Richard Welch the deceased former owner. Sarah Busby (q.v.) the sister of Richard Welch and son of Robert Hayes Welch, also made a belated approach to the Commissioners.


T71/855 St Thomas-in-the-Vale claim nos. 300 and 305. T71/1594 p. 155 26/12/1837: letter to Robert Welch, Maryboro Queen's County Ireland stating that St Thomas-in-the-Vale claim nos. 300 and 305 have been awarded to Robert Hayes Welch, the certificates went to his agent Mr Walker.

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Maryborough, Co. Laois, Ireland