John Baring

1801 - 1888

Claimant or beneficiary


Partner in Baring Brothers between 1828 and 1837, counterclaimed unsuccessully with his partners as assignees for the compensation on Spring Garden in British Guiana. The firm intercepted successfully the compensation awarded on the estates of Wolfert Katz (q.v.), a major debtor of the firm, in British Guiana.

  1. John Baring (1801-1888), son of Sir Thomas Baring (1772-1848) and Mary Sealy, and brother of Thomas (1799-1883). Married Amelia Porcher 1842. Partner in the firm between 1828 and 1837.


T71/887 British Guiana claim no. 2282 (Spring Garden); T71/885 British Guiana nos. 21, 89, 270, 272, 363, 378A&B&C, 424 and 479 for the Wolfert Katz awards estates.

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Further Information

Amelia Porcher

Associated Claims (8)

£2,995 5s 5d
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
£483 3s 3d
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
£7,306 6s 7d
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
£17,972 0s 4d
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
£11,766 10s 1d
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
£3,421 16s 4d
Unsuccessful claimant (Assignee)
£4,849 14s 7d
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
£8,297 18s 6d
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)

Legacies Summary

Commercial (1)

Other partner
Baring Brothers
General overseas merchant  

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Nephew → Uncle
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London, Middlesex, London, England