William Swap

1784 - 1837

Claimant or beneficiary


Hon. William Swap of Grenada subsribed £3 3s to the Elgin Lunatic Asylum in 1831, with a group of Grenadan planters and merchants including John Hoyes and Lewis Hoyes.

His will, written in November 1836 with a codicil in May 1837 and sworn in Grenada in December 1837, names his children as residuary legatees and his sisters as Mitchell Cromar (wife of Alexander Cromar of Aberdeen) and Margaret Couts (wife of William Couts of Aberdeen). Mitchell and Margaret Swap, daughters of William Swap, clerk at Ferry Hill Brewery, were baptised in Old Machar 12/11/1789. William Swap, son of William Swap, clerk Newbridge and his spouse Mary Grant, baptised at Old Machar 04/07/1784.


Inverness Courier 18/01/1832 p. 4.

PROB 11/1903/414; GROS OPR Births 168/B 110 26 and 83.

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PROB 11/1903/414 - precis.

William Swap of the parish of St George, Grenada, planter.

To Archibald Armstrong, late of the town of St George, Grenada, merchant, but at present residing in Guernsey, William Houstoun of St Partrick, Grenada, and William Crawford of St George, merchant, £1100 sterling upon trust, to place out the same on parliamentary stocks or funds or real securities in Britain at interest, to pay the interest and dividends to my sister Mitchell Cromar, wife of Alexander Cromar of the city of Aberdeen, exclusively of her husband. After her death my trustees to pay the principal sum to the daughters of Mitchell Cromar, equally divided between them at the age of 21 years.

To the same trustees a further sum of £1100 sterling upon trust to invest in the same terms, the profits and dividends to my sister Margaret Couts, wife of William Couts of Aberdeen, exclusively of her husband. On her death, the principal sum to her daughters, equally divided between them at the age of 21 years.

To my daughter Margaret Swap £1000 sterling.

To my son John Swap £500 sterling.

To each of my other children William Swap, Robert Swap, Henry Swap, Richard Swap and Elizabeth Swap, £300 sterling.

To my brother-in-law William Couts £200 sterling.

All rest and residue to the same trustees to pay amongst all my said children, namely William, John, Robert, Henry, Richard, Margaret and Elizabeth Swap in equal parts at age 21 years.

Same trustees to be executors.

Signed 10/11/1836.

Codicil dated [blank] May 1837. Intending to return to Europe for the benefit of my health. John Wells of St David, Grenada, to also be a trustee and executor. It being my intention to take with me my two daughters to Europe and being aware of the dangers of the sea, in the event of their death the legacies left to them of £1300 sterling to be made over to my nephews share and share alike. My cousin Isabella Herriot, wife of John Herriot residing near Greenock be entitled to a share of the residue of my estate. My executors to pay to Margaret Rankin £40 sterling.

Sworn by Lewis Hoyes in Grenada 07/12/1837.

Proved at London 05/11/1838.

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£178 17s 10d

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Old Machar, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, North-east Scotland, Scotland