Thomas Stilwell

4th Aug 1762 - 6th Dec 1846

Claimant or beneficiary


A naval agent of Arundel Street who left £120,000. One of a group of claimants under the will of Alexander Willock in e.g. Antigua no. 24; the group also included John Gilliam Stilwell, presumably the son of Thomas Stilwell and Martha Gilliam.

Thomas Stilwell was a trustee of the marriage settlement of Robert and Elizabeth Cuthbert (the daughter of Alexander Willock), for which an indenture was then passed to George Delmar. Frederick De Veil Williams, John Gilliam Stilwell and Ambrose Humphreys were trustees to the marriage settlement of Lawrence Blount Williams and Charlotte Arthuriana Williams nee Cuthbert, the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Cuthbert. .


T71/877 Antigua claim nos. 24 (Mount Pleasant) and 42 (Webbs).

William D. Rubinstein, Who were the rich? A biographical dictionary of British wealth-holders Volume Two 1840-1859 (MSLondon) reference 1847/25.

Further Information

Martha Gilliam
Wealth at death
Naval Agent

Associated Claims (2)

£1,842 17s 7d
Unsuccessful claimant (consensual)
£1,079 18s 6d
Unsuccessful claimant (Legatee)

Addresses (2)

Arundel Street, London, Middlesex, London, England
Townfield House, Dorking, Surrey, South-east England, England