John Haughton James senior

1763 - 1835

Claimant or beneficiary


Son of Montague James and Mary Haughton, husband of Mary Halton (the daughter of Sir William Halton) and father of John Haughton James junior, Philip Haughton James and Dame Catherine Haughton Clarke (all of whom q.v.). John Haughton James senior claimed for compensation on Haughton Hall and Burnt Ground Pen in Hanover, but died before compensation was awarded: it was paid to his son Philip Haughton James.

  1. Will of John Haughton James [1763-1835] of Harley Street Middlesex proved 15/04/1839.

Sources [accessed 29/06/2011]; T71/915 pp. 103 and 106 Hanover Nos. 19 (Burnt Ground Pen) and 511 (Haughton Hall).

  1. PROB 11/1909.

Further Information

Mary Halton
Philip, John, Catherine

PROB 11/1909 - precis.

John Haughton James of Harley Street about to proceed to the Island of Jamaica.

The marriage settlement dated 21/07/1821 of my daughter Caroline Haughton James and Philip Clarke had the trustees Francis Gore of Grosvenor Square, Daniel Stuart of Upper Harley Street, William Murray of Bryanstone Square and Richard Eaton of Hatchworth in Cambridgeshire. This guaranteed to the trustees £200 per annum during my lifetime and £5000 after my death secured on my estate Burnt Ground pen.

The same trustees to raise £5000 at interest of 4% for any child of mine other than my eldest son Philip Haughton James and my daughters Dame Catherine Haughton Clarke and Caroline Haughton James.

Since the marriage settlement of my daughter Caroline, I have mortgaged my property to Messrs. Stirling Gocan [=Gordon] and Co. of Glasgow.

If Burnt Ground pen should prove insufficient for these legacies then I charge them upon all my other estates except for Haughton Hall (which forms part of the marriage settlement of my son Philip Haughton James).

With the same trustees, £3000 for my daughter Elizabeth Haughton James and £2000 each for my three sons John Haughton James, Thomas Reid James and Haughton James, to gain interest at the rate of 4%.

With the same trustees, an additional £2000 each for my daughters Mary Haughton Morris and Elizabeth Haughton James.

To Mary Moor now living with me as my housekeeper £100 per annum for life chargeable on my plantations.

To Philip Haughton James, Burnt Ground pen and Haughton Hall on the condition that within 12 months of my decease he confirm the sale made by me of my plantation called Haughton Tower.

The conditions of the will of my mother Mary James deceased to be upheld.

To my daughter Catherine Haughton Clarke 50 guineas to purchase a ring.

My sole executor to be my son Philip Haughton James.

Signed 22/11/1823.

Codicil dated 17/09/1830. I revoke the annuity to Miss Mary Moor, she having taken to herself an husband. Philip Haughton James to manumit my mulatto slave named Mary Seach and her infant son Halton James and an annuity to her of £20 per annum for life.

Codicil dated 20/06/1835. Consequent to the death of Mary Seach, her annuity has ceased but I direct an annuity of £10 currency per annum for life to her son Halton James. My son John Haughton James junior to be an executor jointly with my son Philip Haughton James.

Sworn in Jamaica 02/02/1839. Proved in London 15/04/1839 by Philip Haughton James the son.

Associated Claims (1)

£3,401 10s 8d
Deceased claimant successful

Associated Estates (4)

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Harley Street, London, Middlesex, London, England